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Buyer’s agent

It is widely accepted that when selling a property you will engage the service of a professional with industry experience to assist you in maximizing your return. It makes sense, property will be the biggest transaction in most peoples lives. Why then do most buyers not take the same precaution? By engaging Etalon Estate as a buyers agent we will not only give you an advantage over other buyers, we will level the playing field between buyer and seller. Etalon Estate buyers agent service will assist you in all stages of your property purchase adventure. We will identify suitable properties for your needs from a variety of avenues (property auctions, nationwide network of agents, below market value properties) and work together to help you secure your chosen property for the best price as well as to assist with the buying process and ensure the sale stays on track. Our buying agent service is particularly popular with our network of overseas investors who are keen to secure investment properties in the Uk but who are not as familiar with the buying process.

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